Call for Papers

Topics of papers include but not limited to:


Signal Processing for Communications, Multimedia Processing and Communications, Communication QoS and Performance Modeling, Cross-layer Design and Optimization, Communication and Information Theory, Communication Software and Services, Protocol and Algorithms for Communications, Wireless Communications and Networking, Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networking, Broadband Wireless Access, Cooperative Communications and Networking, Optical Communications and Networking, Broadband Networking and Protocols.



Network Protocols

Design, specification, verification, implementation, measurement, testing, and analysis; Domain-specific solutions, including protocols for network security, Internet of Things, routing, user privacy, network management, and data centers; Application-layer protocols for peer-to-peer systems, social networks, and emerging systems; Contributions to network architecture, e.g., specific algorithms and protocols for software defined networks, network virtualization, or future Internet architectures.